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Seeded Eucalyptus Bundle Fresh/Dried | Wedding Foliage Greenery

Seeded Eucalyptus Bundle Fresh/Dried | Wedding Foliage Greenery

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Our Seeded Eucalyptus Bundle is harvested and shipped on the very same day, ensuring you receive the freshest product available. While Seeded Eucalyptus is not renowned for its fragrance, it offers exquisite decor, even in its dried state.

Seeded Eucalyptus stands out from silver dollar eucalyptus by the seeds on the stems. This eucalyptus variety hasĀ  Small, round seed capsules around the branches. This distinct texture adds visual allure, making it an ideal choice for wedding decor and DIY wedding projects. The small, clustered seeds along the stems create an ornamental feature, perfect for adding beauty and rustic elegance to bouquets, centerpieces, and various DIY wedding creations. If you're looking for more than just 1 bundle we have a special bulk listing for these, where the more you buy the more you save. Bulk Seeded Eucalyptus

Please be aware that natural variations in leaf size, shape, and color of the seeds will vary from order to order. The seeds vary from season to season. When Seeded isn'tĀ available it will be substituted with Cup Seeded Eucalyptus.Ā The stem sizes can vary significantly, making it challenging to precisely determine the quantity in a bundle. However, we categorize them by size to provide a product that closely aligns with the advertised picture. The stems are approximately 22 inches in length.Ā 

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