Collection: Eucalyptus Shower Bundles

Eucalyptus Shower Bundle Collection

Incorporating eucalyptus in your shower has become one of the fastest growing self-care habits. Placing eucalyptus in your shower not only looks beautiful but has heaps of aromatherapy benefits. When the steam from the shower heats up, it releases the eucalyptus’s aroma throughout your shower. We offer a variety of sizes of our fresh eucalyptus shower bundle. We also offer Eucalyptus subscriptions that make keeping eucalyptus in your shower regularly as simple as possible. Subscribe and save with our fresh eucalyptus for your shower and see why so many people have incorporated it into their daily routine!

Hello Eucalyptus is the leading brand in providing eucalyptus to homes all over the U.S.. We offer different styles of shower bundles to serve every aesthetic and budget. We also have a deluxe bundle that incorporates lavender for those seeking extra aromatherapy. 

How to Use Eucalyptus Shower Bundles?

Hang the eucalyptus from your shower head or secure it to a wall hook in your shower to ensure optimal exposure to steam. You can enhance the aromatic experience by squeezing the bundle to release more of the natural eucalyptus oils.

To prolong the life of your eucalyptus bundle, you can place it in water to hydrate in between showers. Since this is a natural perishable product, it will need to be replaced for a full aromatic experience. Once the eucalyptus begins to dry, run it under hot water for 20-30 seconds to revive the leaves. Replacing your eucalyptus couldn’t be simpler with Hello Eucalyptus. Place a recurring subscription to avoid those eucalyptus emergencies 😁.

When Will I Receive My Shower Eucalyptus?

Our commitment to freshness means that we ship the eucalyptus the same day that it’s harvested. Typically the same or following business day. You will receive your shower bundle 2-4 days after your purchase is placed. 

Where To Buy Shower Eucalyptus?

Buying shower eucalyptus from Hello Eucalyptus ensures that you are receiving the freshest possible product. We grow, harvest, and ship in-house so that you can get the most out of your eucalyptus bundle. We do not preserve our eucalyptus with dyes or preservatives making purchasing from us a guarantee of pure, natural freshness.