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Fresh Deluxe Eucalyptus Lavender Shower Bundle

Fresh Deluxe Eucalyptus Lavender Shower Bundle

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  • San Diego Grown
  • Harvested Daily
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A Deluxe Eucalyptus with Lavender Bundle that you hang in your shower. These Lavender Eucalyptus for Shower Bundles are grown in San Diego. Aromatic eucalyptus and lavender shower arrangements are a perfect addition to any shower. The hot steam from the shower activates the natural essential oils on the eucalyptus leaves. We also have a farm bundle for home decor or DIY Projects. This fresh eucalyptus variety is known as Spiral or Baby Eucalyptus. With a twine attached to each fresh eucalyptus shower bundle, hanging the eucalyptus in your shower for an aromatic and relaxing experience is simple. You can squeeze the eucalyptus while it hangs to release its fragrance. Our harvesters gather the eucalyptus at our farm the same day it ships! Our dedication to freshness and quality is reflected in our products. 

Our Deluxe Lavender Eucalyptus Bundle is available for a limited time now ! The Lavender is grown in the USA.

As a bonus, get a Free Lavender Sachet with your order, Just order any Fresh Eucalyptus Shower Bundle over $22.98 before tax.

Please note that this eucalyptus and lavender is not edible. It should not be consumed by you or any pets as it may be toxic if consumed. While we stand by all our products, we do not offer refunds for “eucalyptus not having a smell”. Unfortunately, smell is too subjective and the strength of the scent may vary from person to person.

Our dedication to all things Eucalyptus is unmatched, I mean come on it's our company name after all :)

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