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Fresh/Dry Curly Willow Branches

Fresh/Dry Curly Willow Branches

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Curly Willow is a stunning and unique decor option. The free-flowing twisty stems of the curly willow create a dramatic visual arrangement. Use these stems as stand-alone decor or add them to an existing arrangement to add height and texture.

How to Use Curly Willow?

Place these branches in a dry vase and as they dry they will become a darker brown and stiffer. We sell these branches in a 10-12 stem bundles.

How Big Are The Bundles?

Choose from our 2 length options. Each size includes 10-12 stems respectively. The stems of the Jumbo bundle are more substantial and thinker than the XL option.

  • Jumbo - 60"
  • XL - 42"

Arrange the curly willow and enjoy the captivating beauty of your arrangement.

The photos we take are an accurate representation of the size of the bundle you will receive. Please understand that since this product is a natural one the exact shape will vary from bundle to bundle.

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