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Feather Eucalyptus

Feather Eucalyptus

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Feather Eucalyptus greenery has a versatile cascading effect on floral arrangements and decor. Feather Eucalyptus greenery features long, slender leaves with a distinctive small curved feather-like appearance. Feather Eucalyptus is the perfect filler for dainty bouquets that need a touch of green. The slender leaves act as a nice filler for bouquets without overpowering the arrangements. Out of all the eucalyptus varieties feather eucalyptus might be the most versatile. Using Feather Eucalyptus for flowers isn't the only way to enjoy its beauty. Place them in your favorite vase and enjoy them even after they dry. Eucalyptus leaves dry to a gorgeous faded green hue. 

Feather Eucalyptus Details

  • Name: Feather Eucalyptus
  • Type: Fresh/Dried
  • Length: 25"-28"
  • Size: one stem can contain many offshoots. It can be hard to determine exactly how many stems are in a given bundle. We ship by size and make them as close to the advertised picture as possible.

To ensure that you get the freshest product possible, we cut and ship our product on the same day. Please note that as a natural item, your bundles may vary in size, shape, and color throughout the season. However, we guarantee that we will do our best to ship the most accurate representation of the advertised product.

Once you receive the bundles the greenery will be thirsty. Cut the stems of the Feather Eucalyptus a quarter of an inch and place the bundle in a few inches of water to rehydrate the greenery. This product is not artificial and will eventually need to be replaced.

What is Fresh/Dried?

If the item is:

  • Type: Fresh/Dried

This means that the product ships fresh and dries naturally over time and is able to be used even after it is fully dried.

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