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Bulk Boxwood Greenery

Bulk Boxwood Greenery

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  • San Diego Grown
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Boxwood greenery features dense clusters of small, glossy leaves, creating a shiny rubbery appearance. With its rich green coloration and texture, boxwood greenery offers a vibrant touch to floral arrangements or as stand-alone greenery. Whether using boxwood stems as filler or as a focal point, boxwood adds a touch of pop to centerpieces and flower arrangments. Boxwood is a favorite with DIYers. Create wreaths, swags, and garlands with this timeless greenery. If you are looking for something to compliment this greenery we sell a boxwood garland that is perfect for table runners.

Boxwood Details

  • Name: Boxwood
  • Type: Fresh
  • Length: 24"-28"
  • Size: one stem can contain many offshoots. It can be hard to determine exactly how many stems are in a given bundle. We ship by size and make them as close to the advertised picture as possible.

To ensure that you get the freshest product possible, we cut and ship our product on the same day. Please note that as a natural item, your bundles may vary in size, shape, and color throughout the season. However, we guarantee that we will do our best to ship the most accurate representation of the advertised product.

Once you receive the bundles the greenery will be thirsty. Cut the stems of the boxwood a quarter of an inch and place the bundle in a few inches of water to rehydrate the greenery. This product is not artificial. Fresh greenery is perishable and will need to be replaced like any other flower.

About Ordering Bulk Boxwood Greenery

  • Overnight Shipping: We understand the importance of timing especially for perishable flowers. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that we ship our flowers with only the best service (Overnight Shipping). We want to ensure that your greenery arrives at its peak freshness. Choose your desired arrival date during checkout for added convenience.
  • Choose Your Desired Arrival Date: Choosing your desired arrival date directly in the cart during checkout allows us to perfectly time the shipment of your order.
  • Freshness Guarantee: We are committed to providing the best and freshest greenery possible. The greenery is cut, placed in water to hydrate, and shipped the same day. This means you are receiving the greenery 1 day after it has been harvested. Contact us at for any more questions we can answer. 
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