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Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Bundle Fresh/Dried | Wedding Foliage Greenery

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Bundle Fresh/Dried | Wedding Foliage Greenery

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Silver Dollar Eucalyptus is a eucalyptus variety recognized for its distinctive round leaves with a silvery-blue hue. It is characterized by a distinct, aromatic scent and is commonly used in various floral arrangements, bouquets, and weddings. The hardy nature and visually striking appearance make Silver Dollar Eucalyptus a popular choice for those seeking a robust and visually appealing botanical element in their creations. Our eucalyptus is cut and shipped on the same day to ensure the freshest product possible. Silver Dollar Eucalyptus can still be used as beautiful decor even after it has dried. Please note that due to the natural variation in size, shape, and color of the leaves, the product you receive may have some sun damage spots. We strive to provide the most accurate representation of our product in our listed pictures. The length of the Large is about 20" and the Jumbo is about 28". 

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